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Don Computing excels in enhancing sports equipment and apparel through advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). We specialize in optimizing racing suits and athletic gear for aerodynamics, significantly improving performance in competitive sports. Our expertise extends to golf club design, using FEA and material modeling to enhance precision and shot distance. In football, we focus on helmet safety, applying FEA to reduce injury risks.

In sailing, our CFD proficiency aids in designing hulls for speed and maneuverability, showcasing our diverse capabilities in sports technology.

Our team innovates in bicycle frame design, balancing aerodynamic efficiency with strength and lightness. In running footwear, we employ material modeling to achieve optimal cushioning and stability, prioritizing athlete comfort and injury prevention. For winter sports, our FEA capabilities ensure skis and snowboards offer superior control and responsiveness.

In tennis, Don Computing’s expertise in racket design enhances playability through optimal string tension and frame stiffness. Our work in hockey stick development focuses on improving shot power and accuracy. 

Aerodynamics of Racing Suits

CFD is used to optimize the design of racing suits for sports like swimming and athletics, reducing drag and enhancing performance.

Bicycle Frame Aerodynamics

CFD and FEA help in designing bicycle frames that are not only aerodynamically efficient but also strong and lightweight.

Racing Car Aerodynamics

CFD is extensively used in Formula 1 and other car racing sports to design aerodynamically efficient vehicles that can achieve higher speeds while maintaining stability.

Golf Club Design

FEA and material modeling are applied to improve the strength, flexibility, and overall performance of golf clubs, enhancing the precision and distance of shots.

Running Shoe Cushioning and Stability

Material modeling is used to design running shoes that provide optimal cushioning and stability, reducing injury risk and improving comfort.

Tennis Racket String Tension and Frame Design

FEA and material modeling help in designing tennis rackets with optimal string tension and frame stiffness, improving power and control in shots.

Football Helmet Safety

FEA is crucial in designing football helmets to reduce the risk of concussions and other head injuries by analyzing impact forces and material deformation.

Ski and Snowboard Flexibility and Dynamics

FEA is applied to optimize the flexibility and dynamic response of skis and snowboards, enhancing control and performance on snow.

Hockey Stick Bending and Impact Resistance

FEA is used to analyze and improve the bending characteristics and impact resistance of hockey sticks, enhancing shot power and accuracy.

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